Tim McEvoy
Native american pinup girl... one of my new favoritesMucha inspired sleeve, pieced together somewhat from what started as just the one top image. 2012-2014Inner side of Mucha sleeve with MedusaA take on Tim Burton's masterpiece, Nightmare Before Christmas 2013Foo dog family sleeve on my brother, Brian. 2014scriptdragon sleeveeyeballwhite roseBane portraitOne of my first larger scale tattoosGotta love skulls  2010On tattoo arist Kirsten Chirco 2010Black and grey 2009Black and grey 2009Irish inspired chest piece 2006My first portrait style tattoo at Art Junkies 2007Fun zombie 2008Done at "Ink n Iron" Long Beach 2007One of my first tries at color realism at Art Junkies, 20072008 "Best Traditional" winner2008
Since the first time he held a tattoo machine in 2001, he has never stopped his ever-growing hunger and ambition for the art of tattooing. Applying an arsenal of weaponry to his tattoo trickery, he is one of the best and most versatile artists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Together with his confidence and characteristic fueled style you will find yourself honored to have such a timeless piece of artwork from a well respected friend and mentor. So that being said, I introduce to you... Tim McEvoy
- Aric "Darkhorse" Taylor